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With over 30 years of Entrepreneur experience, Bob Nokley is an experienced ready resource for his clients

Open minded process helps to identify quality probabilities and opportunities. Understanding the importance of business and relationship dynamics is the very key in obtainable results; Bob Nokley’s extensive knowledge, network and experience in business development transitions business opportunities across a broad scale. Bob Nokley’s foundation has stood the test of time from the small one man office – large wall street firms – fortune 500 – national and international.
Please feel free to contact Bob Nokley today to discuss your mission critical opportunity. We are good listeners. Successful management always thinks about tomorrow.

Bob Nokley Experience Highlights

Hedge Funding and Private Equity Assignments

  • Financial Underwriting
  • Raising Capital
  • Private Equity Investments
  • Service Business Development

Funding Platform Experience

  • Energy Saving Projects
  • Key contact sourcing
  • Financing Business Development
  • Personal Injury Healthcare funding and support

Previous and Current Assignments

  • Business Development
  • Client loan services
  • Asset purchase
  • Asset sales
  • Technology implementation